Thursday, 13 August 2015

Recipe of Macaroni with Spinach Sauce.

·         Preparation Time: 20 Mins.
·         Serves: 3-4 persons
·         1 bunch Spinach (blanched, drained and chopped finely)
·         4 cups boiled Macaroni
·         1 table spoon of Oil
·         1 table spoon of Olive Oil
·         5 Garlic cloves
·         4 table spoon grated cheese
·         2 table spoon Butter
·         ½ cup flour
·         1 cup Milk

·         Season or freshly crushed black pepper
·         Salt to taste
·         Take water in a pan, bring to boil.
·         Add some salt in this water, add Macaroni and cook in boiling water.
·         Add a table spoon of Oil cook till it becomes soft.
·         Drain the macaronis completely. Add table spoon of Olive Oil. Mix it well and keep this aside.

·         Put vessel on heat and add Butter. Finely chop Garlic cloves and sauté in butter for minute. Add flour sauté for 4-5 minutes. Reduce the heat.
·         Add warm milk slowly; stir until it forms a creamy consistency.
·         In this creamy mixture add chopped and drained Spinach and mix well.
·         Add 2 table spoon of grated cheese.
·         Add Salt to taste and Pepper and mix well.
·         Turn off heat. Garnish this Macaroni with grated Cheese.

·         Serve Hot.

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