Kids Care

It is not always easy kids eat dinner, and even less healthy foods, so I think every little thing is useful and should be transferred from mother to child in the classroom as a precious heirloom.  My parents are not inclined that way if my wife and I had to learn the hard way.  We have used all sorts of complicated techniques for our children to eat healthy food for a while now, and as if quite yet use any of the children, and therefore can not share with them, but no - II thought that the branch and fill my desire to  tell the world.

A healthy diet should be hidden

If your kids are like mine, it's the smell of healthy food a mile away.  If there is even a hint of health in the plate they eat around as if to take it that has triggered a nuclear explosion.  I do not blame the parents (as if it was my fault), or children, just think that people related to hate and despise the fruit and vegetables and anything that may (or not) containing a single vitamin or mineral.  Therefore it is essential element to get kids to eat healthy food to hide it.  Basic parenting skills.  Not only when you are in the cupboard or refrigerator, or - I mean on the map as well - and I will later, but first we will discuss the principles of safe food storage.

Keep healthy foods like jewels in the crown

Psychology of thumb applies - if you know that it is in the house, not even suspect that their plate.  Healthy food is that weapons of mass destruction can be, that the children know they are somewhere and your job is to hide, so do not even suspect exist.  Hiding in an obvious place is good.  Hide healthy foods in creative dishes.

No child in the world is probably licking his lips waiting for a good meal with fried chickpeas, grilled eggplant and stuffed peppers hot bath followed by a goat cheese.  And I can not say I blame them.  We want our children to eat healthy, but do not be stupid about it.  Basically what I have for many years to puree things that even I can not say what is there.  My blender is my friend.  It is a great thing.  If you are really creative you can do all sorts of healthy food in a way that will eat your children - just think

Outside the zone.  Tell your friends and family, exchanging notes and tactics - remember information is power, and that includes children.  Let's face it, they think they know everything, trying to convince them that they must eat healthy foods is unnecessary.