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Top 10 Benefits of Working From Home
“You can do your job wherever and whenever you want…you can even sit in a beach chair with a cocktail in hand for all I care…as long as you get our desired results.”
That’s been my opening line to all my new employees for the last 20 years.
The perceived benefits of working from home has enabled me to hire top talent with no local geographic limits. It’s enabled me to steal away top talent from competitors, without having to increase their pay. It’s contributed to a highly engaged workforce with a company culture that won Best Place to Work awards. The benefits to me have far outweighed the hassles.
A survey summarized in the Microsoft whitepaper, Work without Walls, indicates the top 10 benefits of working from home from the employee viewpoint. In reverse order:
10) Environmentally friendly (23%)
9) More time with family (29%)
8) Less stressful environment (38%)
7) Quieter atmosphere (43%)
6) Eliminate long commute (44%)
5) Less distractions (44%)
4) More productive (45%)
3) Avoid traffic (47%)
2) Save gas (55%)
1) Work/home balance (60%) 
Try this

Are you happy?

I think the pursuit of happiness and maintain this feeling as a constant in our lives is directly related to our personal development.  If you are passionate in our pursuit of personal growth and development, we will experience true happiness.  The problem is that most of us to be stuck in the daily routine to respond to life instead of making it.  We let others make decisions for us, and I think we should put the mediocrity and dissatisfaction.
It is a myth!  You do not have to settle or give up our lives at this price.  We have the ability to make decisions, to choose, to reason, to follow our hearts.  If you really want to find happiness, you must take responsibility for your life; begin to create instead of responding and working to improve their growth and development.

Happy people are go-getters.  Happy people are constantly searching for fulfilment.  Happy people know how to be happy in life, no matter what, and who choose to focus on the positive, the opportunity in every situation.  Happy people do not dwell on the negative, as "could," "would," "should".  Happy people have decided to go ahead and move forward, always looking like that.

One way the best and easiest way to stay true happiness is to be constantly working on yourself, in your personal growth and development.  Is it necessary to do more, be more.  Set goals and work for them.  Read books on topics that have wished to know.  Read biographies and autobiographies of people you admire.  Learn to cook.  Start at one end of the training program, and push your body to its limits.  Stimulate your brain.  These are all ways to develop personal growth.
Those seeking true happiness and sincerely want to know how to be happy in life should be in a constant state of learning and growth.  He was told that they are happier in the middle while actively with a goal or a dream.  It's true.  Try it.  Today, right now, start working on your personal growth and development.  Set a goal, take the first step towards the realization of a dream.  Nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it.  Remember that we are intelligent beings endowed with reason, intelligence, freedom to choose to keep.  We are born with these features for an end to its use.  Do not be satisfied.  Do not miss the routine.  Stop reacting to what life throws at you, take responsibility and decide how you want your life and what kind of person who wants to be.

If you are serious about wanting to be happy in life, you should start living your life for you, always with the intent to make the world a better place and make your life better.  Follow your heart and your personal desires, true happiness will have no choice but to follow.

Congratulations! You've just been appointed to your new job.

Now the real work begins.

It is important from the beginning to convince your new employers that, in selecting you, they have made the right choice.

* Demonstrate that you are highly-motivated and eager to get started.

* Discuss your duties and responsibilities; and establish your priorities.
*Set challenging, but achievable, short-term and long-term goals.

* To enable you to fit in quickly, find out as much you can about your company and its organisational structure.

* Identify the most successful and highly valued people in the firm and analyse the reasons for their success. Use them as your role models. Associate with colleagues who are perceived as ideal employees.

* Prepare carefully for meetings with your boss. Try to anticipate questions and be ready with positive and considered responses. Make sure you are always well-informed. Keep up to date on current issues.

* Learn all you can about problem-solving techniques. When you are
given a problem to solve, tackle it enthusiastically and systematically.

* Establish a reputation as a good team player by developing good working relationships and cultivating friendships with as wide a range of people in the company as possible.

* Participate fully in your company's training programme;
and avail of all opportunities to extend your knowledge
and develop work-related skills.

* Learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

* Do more than is specified in your contract. Volunteer for assignments that will help raise your profile within the company.

* Complete all work on time. Don't make promises unless you are sure you can deliver.

* Develop a reputation for honesty, loyalty and integrity.

* Since your job description will form the basis of your performance appraisal, it is important to review it regularly.

In 2010, scattered to the winds, which tend to be, and our work more and finer.  Learn how you can get your life back on track - and starts with setting goals.  Setting goals can maximize its efficiency in love, at work and in life if done well.  I will share 5 ways to set goals that will help you laser focused and plan your way to a better life.

Generally, there are things to avoid when your goals: it offers great, hard to define goals, and not be so rigid as not to allow the exchange rate change in the action phase of the implementation of its goals.  An example of a large, difficult to define the goal might be to say something like, "I will be the most amazing makeup ever."  How would you define this?  How?  Instead say something like: "I'm going to learn three new techniques to use makeup with experts in the field today."  As for being too rigid, does not get half of next year and refuses to attend a conference on the marketing of makeup artists, and has nothing to do with the three new techniques that want to learn.

Now that we've discussed what to avoid, we will discuss 5 ways to set goals to get your life back on track.

1.  Start with an overview.  Sit down with paper and pencil and start writing.  Make three separate columns: life, love, work

A. Life - write what life has meaning for you and others last year, and how you like your life to see and feel it next year.  Add your use of lead life (God willing, to help people, improve humanity ...).

B. Love - Give a big picture goal that describes the key all the way you want the aspect ratio.  Example: ". I want to spend more time with my husband, my children and my parents for a long time to make new friends"

C. job - writing about your current business, employment or career and what you want about it, I hate it, and what you can learn from him.  Then brainstorm about what to do next year - start making your own business, or begin to transform into a new job or career?  Like what you do, but I will make some small changes in position or role in your work?

2.  Read aloud to your inventory yourself and a trusted friend (if possible) to get an overview of what worked, what did not work.

3. Based on what you want to change - a new list of goals.  Start with a list of your big picture goals in each of three categories:

4.  Make a visual reminder of their overall goals.  This is often called a vision board, but keeps it free and easy to do: take pictures of things / people that remind you of your goals in the overview of the three categories.  If photography is your thing, try to draw or cut pictures from magazines to create your vision board.

5.  After writing all the goals list, which decompose more?  Start writing the specific, measurable, if put into action will take you straight to their big picture goals.  For this purpose, three categories of Life, Love, and work.

Importance of Time Management - How to set goals

Time management is a Necessity in this era.  Care work and family life Often takes longer Than we garden everything’s day.  Setting goals is a vital key two hours management, planning and managing your time; you need a clear idea of what we are trying achieve.  This article will help you set goals, manage hours wisely.

SMART stands for Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited, with features Clearly targets good.  Follow These Instructions to facilitate the establishment of achievable goals.

Specific Goals
It is easy scores two wide spread, broadcast, like "I Want To Be Rich" or "I want more hours with my family."  The problem is knowing When the goal is reached and how.  What Is That To Be Rich?  What is more hours for you?  Is spending an average of 5 minutes a day with your family or 2 hours or weekend?

Ask your specific goals and more Easily accessible you'll know exactly What They Want to Achieve.  SO INSTEAD OF "I Want To Be Rich", the goal Might Be: "I want two make $ 84,000 / month two earn $ 1 million per year."  INSTEAD OF "I want two spend more hours with my family" "I want two stop working on Sunday and spend the lake with my children."  As you Can see, you know When he met Each of These goals and Because They are known as the specific, a Plan That Could ask done about it.

When you create a specific goal, ask yourself the following Question.  What are you doing?  How do you do?  How it two someone else?  What are the Requirements?  Why are you doing?  And What Happens When You succeeded garden?

Have your goal in measurable terms, are comfortable Therefore two manage the progress of objectives and Measure Against heaven.  Divide your goal Into Smaller parties and measurable.  Then, while working towards this, WHO are better guest "to see the change and stay on track.
One measurable objective Would ask "I want two lose 20 pounds" INSTEAD OF "Simply" I want two lose weight. “Want to ask questions like "How?"  or "How?"

Ever heard the expression "rising star" and "The sky is the limit? These are common terms often exceptionally two Living with People.  Two dream big, but it's not good advice for setting goals. If you set goals That are out of reach, never two request reached, Because subconsciously, you know you Can not do and not work hard for it. Consider your goals are fully ensure they are achievable.

A realistic goal is an achievable goal like that is a realistic goal. One realistic goals for you, personally. For example, suppose your goal is two run a 10k marathon in 3 months.  It is Possible, howeve, if you really do not think you Can do ...  simply it is not a realistic goal for you.

Set a time limit, your objectives clear, measurable, achievable and realistic.  If not, it's too easy two turn off the target, knowing That You Can Start to "Someday."

Also, remember two re-EVALUATE your goals periodically and make Adjustments to your plan if Necessary.

The work is an activity that uses energy, both physically and mentally, to achieve anything.  Human work has many dimensions / properties.  Overall, work four dimensions - physical, personal, social and economic.  

1)     Physical work based on the requirements of natural life.  A few work habits necessary to meet basic natural as hunger, thrust and nudity.  We call these basic work habits - eat, drink and clothing - a natural masterpiece.  In general, to educate parents and teachers worked in the early stages of life.  The purpose of this study is natural to make our life in accordance with nature or to meet the demands of nature. 

2)     The work is the result of personal needs and desires, each person has different needs and desires, when a person meets their particular needs or desires, such as dressing ingredients specific, concrete, clear and go then we can call a personal work
Timely measures to individual needs and desires are essential for normal life.  It should be noted that clashes between the needs and natural desires can lead to diseases, such as items of junk food perhaps because of illness. 

3)     Social work a result of social interactions.  Man is a social being, he / she interacts with other people.  A social network meets the demands of life and increase the social power of the question, when a person increases social resilience through social contacts who can call social work.  At one point, the social interaction apparently anti-social, but the result is social intelligence, which led to successful social contacts. 

4)     Homes, a wide range of products such as tasty, fashionable dresses, economic and commercial vehicles are large, which can be achieved only by money.  Efforts to gain wealth or money are known that the economic work.  Economic work gives people the monetary independence.  Financial Intelligence / Business Intelligence is essential to achieve economic studies.  These aforementioned dimensions of the work are closely linked and mutually reinforcing.  The division of labour is indicated to clarify the concept of work is no scientific definition of human activities.  The classification is based on the dominant aspect of the job characteristics.  For example, it is natural working for the satisfaction of hunger, economic work, too, because food is not freely available in the modern society.  Similarly, a task to have two or more dimensions of the work in your portfolio with fashion portfolio that satisfaction of physical needs, personal desires, economic needs and social aspirations.

What a goal? A goal is a dream is defined by a high level. Dreams are really important to you find the way to his head and become a reality. How? Each year, millions of people set goals New Year's Resolutions call amazing. Unfortunately, most decisions are never resolved.
Definition and objectives will change your life - both personally and professionally! But most people find that when you try to do great things, the goal has a unique way to put obstacles in his way. When you set goals, I found a challenge in my life, sometimes with multiple challenges. When hard times come, and they, you must have a plan to achieve their goals on the road.
When was the last time you found your dream big? I mean the kind of dreams you had when you were young and felt like I could conquer the world. Unfortunately, stopping most dreams. Many give up and settle for mediocrity. Others fail to realize their dreams, because they have failed in the past of not meeting their previous goals. Those who stop to dream, to stop living!

The formula is a proven system of META to transform their dreams into achievements. There are five basic steps to achieve goals. By taking these measures for a period, and gain support from key individuals, to increase the chances of achieving what you want.
The 5 steps (G.R.E.A.T.)

G - Goals (Identify long-term goals)
R - The reason (why) Establish

E - Expectations (high expectations)
A - Actions (Take all necessary measures)

T - Tracking (track your results in the strongest)
Time domain:

Are you in control of your day, or control over you? The person loses the ability to achieve their goals because they do not know how to manage your time. Time is a unique product. It is intangible. You can not touch, see or hear. But to get a life, you need to book. Time is the second element of the Formula META.
Most treats time as a physical resource. They focus on how best to spend or save more effectively, while others are talking about or do not get enough of him. "If I had more time," is the most common excuse I hear from people who have not been able to achieve an important goal.

The reality is that we all have as much time to seek to achieve our goals every day. Their results, both personally and professionally, always based on how you manage your time. But how do you manage something that has no physical properties? You expected!
Ultimately, you have complete control over your life. Most people can take the necessary measures to achieve their goals, provided that they do not interfere unexpectedly. But this is usually not the case. We are experiencing unexpected problems that can get us out of the road. Manage your time will not only navigate through difficult circumstances, but make sure you take steps to achieve your goals and you can accomplish more than I expected.
You'll never walk alone:

There were times when he tried to pursue my goals that change lives alone, but I've never had one. Unless you live on a desert island, who will find people on a daily basis. Every day, have the ability to affect your life if you strive for greater or not. Your participation can make a big impact on your ability to achieve its goals. The last item in the formula META people.

Managing your time is very important if we want to achieve things that have been proposed.  In order to effectively manage their time performing various tasks, making attention to the things you need to take place within a period.  Writing them is important for you to remember and not be affected by a task that you particularly like.  I list them, prioritize them by importance.  This allows you to do the things you really must end as soon as possible.  You must realize that you can not do things differently at the same time, and you must start with things that are most important.
Once you've created your priorities, do their duties according to the level you have set for them.  Focus on that task is complete before proceeding to the next.  Making a task, set a timetable for completion.  This will ensure that you will be able to do all the tasks you have set for yourself during the day.  Determine the number of hours that each day is divided between tasks.
While it is important to focus on a specific task and do it within a given period, it is also important to take a break.  There are tasks that are simple, but there are also those who are tired and drained.  You are encouraged to take breaks to avoid the feeling that you have no time for rest and recreation more, which is very stressful.  Moreover, the very idea of a leisure activity enough to provide energy.  Therefore, you will be able to perform their tasks with more power, so you can complete more in less time.

Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.  Our state of life in the future is a result of decisions we make today.  Here are some tips on how to make effective decisions in our personal lives.

1.  Do not ask others to make decisions for you.

2.  Surround yourself with facts.  Search distorted facts, weeds.

Three.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.  Know what you found.  See the consequences of his decision.  when you decide, and act on it, forget it.  Do not worry about the result.

4.  Do not let people hostile when you talk about issues that require a great decision.  Clearer thinking is the answer, no animated discussions and tantrums.

5 persuade others to see their point of view, not trying to scare accept.  You can win the point but lose the match.

6.  Never make important decisions when you are angry, sick, or in any way with affective disorders.  Do not answer a letter, while in the state of mind.

7.  Put your concerns in writing.

8.  Turn your problem to your subconscious mind.  Repeat the "solution" during the day.  Remember that your subconscious has the answer, and you will discover.

9.  Visualize the outcome of your problem.  Picture in your mind exactly as you wish.

10.  Never compromise your ideals, or allow others to push the mind to make decisions that you are wrong.  In defending his right to free thought.

Online Shopping – Making Life Easier

Online Shopping has come up with so many benefits and advantages that it is becoming a very important part of every individual's life. This new form of shopping has brought a vast change in the shopping methods of people. People find this form of shopping easier and convenient. Apart from its comfort, it has also proved to be beneficial to the consumers. There are situations we face in which we make a plan for shopping, but due to bad weather conditions we are not able to go to the market to shop. Time has changed and technological changes have brought in new advancements in which shopping is no more a bounded with the outside weather conditions. Now, there is a shopping website for almost everything and we don't need to wait for the weather conditions to be better.
Online Shopping is also a very convenient for of shopping for birthdays and special occasion.
Shopping stores online give you full comfort by allowing you to pay the money online, and your gift will be reached directly to person's venue. What else can we expect from this technology? The way this era is changing and bringing new dimensions to one's life it is worth a value. Also, salute to the human brains who have invented this comfort technology for us!
Online shopping has proved to be positive for people in the other countries and it is becoming a new trend in India as well. All you need to do is find a perfect online site for yourself and start your purchase from there. You will soon realize that you are completely addicted to it and going for
shopping in the market will become a burden for you. In India most people are switching to online shopping, and it is expected that this number will rise in the future. Sitting from anywhere office, while travelling, you home, you can order stuff online. The only thing you need to have is the availability of internet.
Buying stuff online is an interesting & amazing experience which makes your shopping easy and advantageous. We all wait for exciting offers or "sale" to come so that we can shop according to our budget. But with interesting online shopping portals we can search for exciting offers and hot deals anytime we desire. This new trend in India has made Indians g crazy with the new innovative shopping stores online. Indian consumers are just loving it to shop products online. We all want to make our life easier.

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