Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lip Care Tips – for soft lips

Lip Care Tips – for soft lips
Following are basic lip care tips to safeguard our lips from any reasonably disorders and keep them soft and healthy.
• If we have a tendency to use alcohol, occasional and tea in excess and affected by cracked and additional dry lips then it is horribly threatening and that we need to utilize these product.
• We should massage our lips each day exploitation the expressed almond oil or vegetable oil.

• We can conjointly use butter or milk cream previous getting to the bed. It will smoothen and provides softness to our lips.
Apply butter or milk cream or any everyday quality ointment and use it on regular basis.
• We should not pull the dry flakes from our lips. However instead we have a tendency to could use the granular paste of sugar in vegetable oil. Massage this paste on our lips. This can have exfoliating have an effect on and it will eliminate the dead and dry skin from our lips.
• Must drink plenty water to moisten your lips.
• Take fat-soluble vitamin supplements useful for soft and smooth skin.
• Use ointment just in case we have a tendency to expose to actinic rays of the daylight for associate degree extended for longer time.
• Use honey which is the natural moisturizer.

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