Sunday, 21 June 2015

Fruits to keep us healthy

Fruits to keep us healthy.
In today’s life, we come across various tensions.  Many people cant face them or handle them properly.  One of the reason behind it is lacking of notional values in our food.  These can be obtained in various ways by adding them into our meal.  Known best sources are fruits.

A Healthy person must eat fruit row and not in a juice form.  Following are some of the common fruits available in the market like Banana, water melon, Grapes, Pomegranate, apple.
Pomegranate:  Increases haemoglobin useful in anaemic patients.  In pregnancy it helps to reduce vomiting trouble.
Grapes:  are useful in leaver and skill problems.  Grapes are antioxidant.  We should avoid drinking water after eating grapes.  It is reach in copper, iron and manganese.  Grapes get digested in about two hours. These are having sufficient antioxidant.
Banana: It is called as a complete meal.  It increases weight hence good for weak patients and having a body mass index less than 18 to gain weight. The carbohydrate in it is more digestible as compared to other fruits.  It gives energy and nourishes the muscles.  It is helpful in reduction of cholesterol and to keep control on high BP.  Cooking banana is useful in the treatment of intestinal ulcers.
Apple: An apple a day keeps a doctor away.
Water Melon: It is useful in summer fever.

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