Monday, 6 July 2015

Paneer Mutter Recipe

This is an Indian subji dish which we can serve with rice or roti. Traditional panjabi dish and avalible in every part of India.
•Preparation Time: 30 Minutes.
•Serves: 4 persons.

•1 Table spoon Oil                                                                     
•1 Cup Cream
•1 Table spoon homemade Ghee or Butter
•1 Tea spoon Ginger •½ Cup Green Peas •2-3 Green chillies
•1 Table spoon Garam Masala
•1 Cup Paneer
•2 Onions.
•2 Tomatoes
•Salt to taste
•Sugar to taste

Recipe to make Paneer Mutter
•Coriander leaves for garnishing. Recipe to make Paneer Mutter:
• Cut the Paneer into square size pieces.
• Heat pan add 1 table spoon of Oil, add Paneer, stir till it gets golden brown. Remove from the Oil and keep aside on a paper.
• Make Puree of tomatoes and keep aside.
• In pan heat Ghee or Butter, add Chopped Onion stir till its get light brown add garam masala if required add little water. Fry this mixture well for 2 minutes.
• Add tomato Puree, fry for some time.
• Add Fried Paneer, Peas, finely chopped ginger and green chillies and little water. Cook till the Peas gets tender.
• Add Cream and Salt to taste.
• Add some sugar to taste.
• Remove from the heat when the grave becomes thick.

• Garnish with Coriander leaves. • Serve hot with plain rice or Roti..

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