Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How to Start Blog in 5 simple steps.

How to Start Blog in 5 simple steps:
Earning online through Blog is not getting rich type of earning; we need lot of passions and care about our writings. Following are the very simple steps to start blog. We can use this blog to earn money online.  Many people working online and earning good amount of money.  This needs a lot of hard work.  To make this concept simple following are the simple steps you can follow to start your blog.

1. Create your new blog: There are various online blog posting sites available on net. As per your suitability you can select one. Following are some of the blogging sites:
• Blog.com
• Blogger.com
• Blogpress.com
• Blogsome.com
• Blogr.com
• Blogster.com
• BlogABond.com
• Blogsome.com
• Clearblogs.com
2. Use great blog theme: Blog theme is first impression of your blog: First impression is the last impression. On web impression of your blog matters a lot. We need to make our blog more interesting, engaging, and unique from other blogs. Many blog sites like blogpress offers 100+ free blog themes. We can apply themes just by one click.
3. Write blog post: now this is the actual start of your work. Find out your subject to write. Find out the subjects who interest you and your visitors. Continue with the same subject for example if you started with the business website about sale don’t change the subject to cookery or some other related subject. Find the subject in which you are confident and can collect right and genuine information. Put the information as content on your website.
4. Write regularly: Write on a regular basis.  This activity refreshes our post and attracts search engine which shows our post which in turn drive more traffic to our other posts also.

5. Take feedback: Take feedback from your friends, relatives and visitors on your blog.

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