Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Most important 6 Health benefits of Banana.

Most important 6 Health benefits of Banana.
Banana is the common fruit which is available in majority parts of the world. Banana is very sweet to eat and which comes in smartly packed wrapper naturally so which becomes very healthy to eat.
Banana is loved by small kids as well as adults. We can eat bananas in its natural form or added in the various recipes.

Below are some of the benefits we get from Banana.

1. Vitamin C and B-6
Banana is the good source of Vitamin C and B-6.  From one banana we get 10mg of vitamin c which is equal to 15 to 20 % of our daily required amount of Vitamin C and 35% to 40% of Vitamin B-6. Vitamin C required by our body for our cello health as will as for better immune system. Vitamin B-6 required by our body to grow new cells in our body.
2. Fibre
Banana contains about 5 -6 g of fiber which helps us to run our digestive processes smoothly.
3. Fat and Cholesterol
Bananas are naturally fat and Cholesterol and In any food recipe we can use as substitute to oil or butter. Bananas are reach in taste and helpful to improve our digestive system.
4. Potassium
Potassium is good for nerve and muscle functioning and to maintain healthy balance of fluids in the body. One banana contains about 400 mg to 450 mg potassium. We can eat banana after exercise to prevent or reduce muscle cramps or pains.
5. Manganese
Manganese is required by our body for metabolism and bone health. One banana contains about 3 to 5 mg manganese. We require minimum 1.5mg to 2.5mg manganese on daily basis. Banana is great source of Manganese.
6. Carbohydrates
This is the main source of our energy. Banana helps us to top up with good amount of energy whole day if we started our day with one banana.

These are the 6 major benefits we get from the banana to keep us healthy and fit.

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