Tuesday, 7 July 2015

5 Ways to increase your website page views.

5 Ways to increase your website page views.

To increase your website page views we need to take into consideration following points.
• Website design and flow
• Contents of the website
• Type of content
• Targeted market
• Links shared
• Images on the website

Follow the simple tips below to get maximum website visitors.

1 Title tag: Title tag should be more explanatory and precise so that we can earn quality and well targeted visitors from a search engine. User searching for that particular term or tag clicks on the title which contents relevant information required.
2. Quality Content: Put attractive, significant and detailed content on your website.
Well-written content with quality images can attract more visitors and make them engage in reading that content.  If your contents are not good enough to hold the visitors attention they may spend very less time on our website.
3. Enable user comments on website:  By moderating all the comments received from the visitors, make sure about the quality of the comments put them on the website.  By reading comments from the other reader’s visitors invest more time on our website to visit the various links or another piece of content.
4. Link sharing: Share links in the content which is the most important factor to increase the page views. This also includes internal page linking on your website.
5. Search Box:  Add search box to your website.  This will help the visitors to navigate between the pages of your website. The search result should contain quality and relevant information related to the query. Visitors may leave the website if they lost in the site content and not get the information required on the website.

These are the basic things which we must use to increase our pages views. Kindly share your comments for more tips to increase the page views.

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