Sunday, 21 June 2015

A best way to take care of the skin

Winters are just around the corner, and what comes along with the wonderful season of winters is the dry flake skin, rough patches all over your body and sensitive scratchy skin. For me, my skin starts peeling off the minute the first breeze of winters starts blowing, and the same flakey and torn skin remains there for around a month. This makes it very hard to even wash your hands or take a proper bath since too much of water would mean even drier skin, resulting in much worse skin conditions. What you need the most when your skin starts acting so sensitive is a good moisturizing lotion that would somehow magically take care of all these problems and give you soft and flawless skin.
For this purpose, I have discovered Nivea Intensive Body Lotion is the best moisturizing lotion that I have come across until the date. The beautiful creamy and soft formula of the lotion that spreads easily all over your skin is one of the best that I have used. Moreover, the sweet scent of the lotion was appreciated. The Nivea Intensive Body Lotion not only makes your skin look and feel baby soft, but also makes it smell as fresh and wonderful as of a baby’s skin.
The Nivea Intensive Body Lotion has made my winters easier to survive this year. Earlier, because of the issues that come along with a sensitive skin like that of mine, I had troubles enjoying the beautiful weather of winters. I at all times feared scratching too much on my skin, and the peeling off skin would sometimes bring in deep cuts on the sensitive skin of my palms and fingers. Moreover, the red marks on my face due to the dry weather of winters would never go away with any product. However, now since I have started using Nivea Intensive Body Lotion, I do not face any such skin problems anymore.
A generous application of the wonderful moisturizing formula over night and in the mornings, gives good protection to my overly sensitive skin. I am happy to have bought the Nivea Intensive Body Lotion, for me it has done wonders, and the best part it does not even cost too much, unlike other expensive moisturizing lotions that do nothing good to your skin. Nivea Intensive Body Lotion is my recommendation for everyone has a must-have to fight the dry weather of the winters.

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