Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Summer Hair Problems determined

Summer may be a great time to show off our glowing tan, but without a doubt it is the most stressful time of the year for our hair. The sun and chlorine can react in unimaginable ways with our hair colour and deprive hair of its natural shine and softness.

1 Frizzy Hair: Fight frizz with the one thing it cannot live in the presence of: wetness. There are many anti-frizz products available; make sure to opt for high-moisture varieties.

2 losses Color: If you have just colored your hair and you don’t want the sun to lighten it to another shade, either wear a wide brimmed hat or invest in a good UVA/UVB hair protection product.

3 Dry/Damaged Hair: If your hair is dry or riddled with split ends, in addition to considering a trim, try a shampoo specifically created to repair the damage caused by the sun, wind, chlorine and salt water.

4 Oily Hair: For some people, being out and about in the summer causes excessive oiliness. Instead of washing your hair excessively, try using a clarifying shampoo, which removes residue but does not dry your scalp out..  

5 Split Ends: You don’t have to have a drastic haircut if you notice split ends; simply opt for shampoos and conditioners with more moisture and avoid the heat of the blow dryer until the condition of your hair improve 

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