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Home Remedies to Reduce Body Heat

Body heat, also known as heat stress, is a common health problem caused by exposure to high temperatures. It occurs when the body is not able to cool itself enough to keep its temperature within the normal range of 36.5–37.5 degrees Celsius 97.7–99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The body normally cools off by sweating, but sometimes sweating is not sufficient and the temperature keeps rising.
Factors like very hot and humid weather, spending too much time in the sun, wearing tight clothing, strenuous workouts or physical exercise and certain medical conditions may cause or worsen the problem.
Body heat is not a disease but it should not be taken lightly. If left untreated, it can develop into a heatstroke. Anyone can suffer from heat stress, but people over 65, babies and young children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and people who are physically unwell are at a higher risk.
It results in generalized weakness and lethargy, dizziness, headache, nausea, muscle cramps, excessive sweating and a rapid heartbeat. Plus, it is often accompanied by dehydration.
There are several easy yet effective methods to address this problem. Plus, it is recommended to move to a shady or air-conditioned area and remove tight clothing. Sponging with cool water will also be beneficial.
Here are the top 10 home remedies to reduce body heat.
1. Cold Water
Cool water helps reduce body heat. It also helps the body recover quickly from the side effects of high temperature.
As soon as you notice an increase in body temperature, drink a tall glass of cool water. Then, sip some cool water every 15 minutes. This will help prevent dehydration, which can worsen your condition.
Another option is to add ice cubes to a foot tub filled with cool water. Immerse your feet in the bucket for 15 to 20 minutes.
You can also enjoy a cool bath to reduce body heat.

2. Coconut Water
Coconut water is another effective remedy to help treat heat exhaustion. Its electrolyte composition is excellent for re dehydrating the body. Plus, it is loaded with nutrients that help lift your energy.
Drink a glass of tender coconut water a few times daily.
3. Lemon
Regular use of lemon can keep the body cool and prevent heat-related illnesses. The high vitamin C in lemon can help lower body temperature. It also hydrates and oxygenates the body to keep you feeling energized and refreshed during the hot summer days.

Squeeze the juice from ½ lemon into a glass of water.
Add 1 teaspoon of honey and a pinch of salt to it.
Drink about 3 glasses of this refreshing drink a day.

4. Sandalwood
The soothing and cooling properties of sandalwood can effectively reduce increased body temperature.
Mix 2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder with enough water or cold milk to make a fine paste. Add a few drops of rose water and apply this paste on your forehead and chest. Allow it to dry on its own, then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
Another option is to apply a little sandalwood oil on your forehead and leave it on for a few hours. If you have never applied sandalwood oil on your skin, add a few drops of this oil in one teaspoon of coconut oil and then apply to avoid skin irritation.
You can also sprinkle sandalwood powder on your armpits, chest and back after taking a shower to maintain cooler body temperature.

5. Peppermint
Peppermint has a soothing and cooling effect. Thus, it is an effective remedy to help reduce body heat.
Simmer a few ounces of fresh peppermint leaves in a pot of boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain out the leaves and allow the water to cool. Add the peppermint-infused water to a bathtub filled with cool bath water and soak in it for at least 20 minutes. You can also prepare a peppermint bath by adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to cool bath water.

Steep one teaspoon of fresh or dried peppermint leaves in a cup of hot water. Strain and sweeten with a little raw honey. Cool it in the refrigerator and enjoy your cool peppermint tea a few times a day. In addition to reducing body heat, it will also relieve nausea and headache.

6. Watermelon
Watermelon aids in quickly reducing body heat due to its high water content. A potent detoxifier, this fruit helps remove harmful toxins from the body, which can contribute to body heat. Eating watermelon regularly, especially during the summer season, will also help keep you hydrated.Eat a few slices of watermelon, or combine it with some cold milk and sugar to make a refreshing drink.
You can also mix cubes of watermelon with cucumber and muskmelon. Then drizzle a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar over it to make a healthy salad.

7. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is another popular home remedy to reduce body heat. Its soothing and cooling properties can help maintain normal body temperature.

Extract fresh aloe vera gel from an aloe leaf and rub it over your body. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes, then take a cold bath. Repeat as needed.
You can also drink a glass of homemade aloe vera juice prepared with up to 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Do not consume more than 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel a day.

8. Indian Gooseberry
Indian gooseberry, also known as amla, is a powerhouse of vitamin C that helps reduce body heat.
Mix 1 part amla juice with 4 parts water. Add a little salt or sugar to improve the taste. Drink it twice daily during the summer to prevent heat stress.
Another option is to add 2 teaspoons of amla juice, 1 teaspoon of raw honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to a glass of water. Drink this daily in the morning on an empty stomach.
9. Buttermilk
According to Ayurveda, buttermilk is a useful home remedy to reduce body heat. It can also be beneficial for women who suffer from hot flashes and men who have high metabolism. It also provides the body with the required minerals and vitamins that are lost during excessive sweating.

Drink a glass of buttermilk with your breakfast in the summer to keep your body cool throughout the day.
Another option is to blend together ½ cup of thick yogurt, some water and a pinch of salt. Enjoy this homemade buttermilk twice daily.
10. Poppy Seeds
Poppy seeds, also known as opium, have a cooling effect on the body and regulate body temperature. This in turn helps reduce body heat.

Mix 1 teaspoon of crushed poppy seeds and a little sugar.
Have it once daily during the summer season to get rid of excessive body heat.

You can also eat a small amount of poppy seeds before going to sleep.

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