Friday, 19 June 2015

Puran Poli - Holi festival Sweet Dish.

This is maharashtrian sweet dish which is also whole meal item.  This recipe mainly prepared at the time of Holi festive season in India.

• 500 gram Chana Dal
• 500 gram Sugar or Jaggery
• 250 gram Wheat flour
• 100 gram flour
• 5 table spoon Oil
• 1 Tea spoon grated Nutmeg
• ½ Tea spoon Cardamom powdered
• 2 Table spoon Pure or Home made ghee
• ½ Cup Milk to serve
Recipe to make Puran Poli
• Wash the Chana Dal with ½ cup water.
• Drain our extra water from the dal.
• Add Sugar or Jaggery to this cooked dal.
• Keep this mixture on the low heat, stir till the mixture becomes thick.
• Remove this mixture from the heat set aside for some time.
• Use sieve to pass this mixture before its gets cold.
• Add powdered Nutmeg and Cardamom powder.
• Keep this mixture on low heat if the mixture is still having some water in it.
• Mix in vessel Wheat flour, Flour, oil. Knead this mixture by using little water and make smooth dough.
• Keep this knead dough for an hour.
• Make small size balls from dough and rolled. Put small size chana mixture in the center of the dough, close it the filling completely.
• Roll this ball into chapatti. Fry this on non stick pan with little ghee from both the sides.
• Serve hot with Pure ghee or hot milk.

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