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Babulnath Temple Mumbai

Babulnath Temple Mumbai
A standout amongst the most antiquated sanctuaries in Mumbai is the Babulnath Temple. The living divinity in the Babul Nath sanctuary is Lord Shiva, who is as a Babul tree. The Babulnath Temple is arranged in the South of Malabar Hill towards the end of Marine Drive. Arranged at a height of right around 1,000 feet, the sanctuary of Babulnath stands really looking over the Arabian Sea.
Mumbai is a common city where everybody is qualified for his or her own particular religious practices. 

The city possesses large amounts of perfect sanctuaries, respected mosques, The Babulnath Temple was inherent the year of 1780. A tall tower was joined to the first development, which has extensively improved the tasteful magnificence of the as of now creatively fabricated sanctuary. Such is the grandness of the sanctuary that one is helped to remember Mount Kailash, Lord Shiva's ceaseless residence.

With a large number of lovers thronging the sanctuary regular for offering their supplications to God to Lord Shiva, the atmosphere of the Babulnath Temple is dependably that of a religious festival.
Monday is the day reserved for Lord Shiva. Each Monday the Babulnath Temple is jammed by lovers to offer supplications to God to the God. Amid Shivratri, a celebration connected with Lord Shiva, a great many admirers humor themselves in washing Lord Shiva in milk.

Coming to Babulnath Temple is simple as it is all around associated with all the critical parts of Mumbai. From the sanctuary, the nearest railroad station is Grand Road. From that point one can take a taxi, transport or an auto to achieve the sanctuary. A visit to the Babulnath Temple is on the cards of every single religious lover who come to Mumbai. The spot gives one the vibe of peace and quiet

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